Music Therapy Studio

This summer, I’ve had lots of people ask me what I do. When I explain that I’m a music therapist with my own private practice/teaching studio, they almost always comment how incredibly lucky I am to work from home.

Every time that happens, I think to myself, “Yes, I am incredibly lucky and it has been such a convenience to my life. So why the heck am I giving that up?”

My work arrangement has afforded me so many little luxuries — being able to pop over and visit my son if I happen to have a break, saving money on gas since I’ve had no commute, always having everything I need on hand. I can’t help but feel a little sad about dismantling the room that has been home to so, so many music therapy sessions and lessons over the years.

That is when I have to step back and remind myself of all the reasons why I made a conscious decision to move my work out of my home and into a space that allows the things the current arrangement doesn’t. A room just for groups and classes, multiple studios for multiple therapists working simultaneously, a place I can leave my work so that it is a little less tempting to spend every spare moment of my life working, the list goes on.

Music Therapy Studio

This week has truly been bittersweet. I’ve been waxing nostalgic about all the awesome musical moments that have happened within these walls, and almost all of my students or their parents have commented that they can’t believe it’s the last time they’ll be here.

But I know I made the right decision, because underneath that nostalgia and sadness, deep down in my gut, is excitement. I can’t wait to arrange and decorate my new studio, welcome my students in, and help them achieve all of their goals.

Music Therapy Studio

On Thursday evening, I’ll facilitate my very last music therapy session and then close up shop for the very last time here. My office will probably become a bedroom, and years from now, the fact that it used to be my workplace will seem hard to believe.

I’ll miss it here, but it’s time to flee the nest. I’m so ready for my next big adventure!