Columbus Day

Being self-employed and running my own full-time business has been a dream come true, it really has. But there are definitely some noticeable voids now since leaving my job — first and foremost being my former coworkers and students. Also on that list? Paid holidays.

Today is Columbus Day, and with most of my students off from school, I’ve always canceled lessons and music therapy sessions on this day in years past. However, my studio doors are open for business today.

And as much as I miss the idea of paid holidays and vacation days, the reality is that I don’t mind working when most people aren’t. My winter break may be shorter this year, and there will be no spring break at my studio, but since the work I do doesn’t feel much like “work” at all, I’m not complaining.

I will, however, be reaping the benefits of everyone else being off today: several of my students are coming earlier than usual for their lessons or sessions, which means my work day will end before the sun goes down. That is an extremely rare occurrence, and one worth celebrating. Happy Columbus Day, indeed!