Good evening! I just received this email from Kim, a loyal reader and supporter of Listen & Learn. She has some great ideas for the January and February month songs, and I just had to pass them along to you:

“You know what a fan I am of your month songs, so I thought I’d share some new verses with you. I structure my autism groups around themes, so I’m using the month songs to reinforce the themes I use. With that in mind, I’ve added some new versions and reworded some of yours to coincide with my weekly themes. I hope you don’t mind my taking liberty with your creativity.

For January (I know this is a little late to be of any use this year):

January bring a brand new year
Our new president will start
Soon will be inauguration day
And Obama will be in charge

(It was really fun to listen to them try and pronounce Obama).

January brings a brand new year
It’s now 2009
We’ll do our best, be nice to friends
And everything will be just fine.

For February:

February 24th is Fat Tuesday
Down in New Orleans they’ll sing and play
Beads and masks for all to see
A Mardi Gras party for you and me

February’s a time to see
What Black Americans did for our country
Who helped our land become so great
Just one more reason to celebrate.”

Thanks so much, Kim, for these wonderful additions! I will definitely be incorporating the new February verses into my lessons this month. And if anyone else has made over a Listen & Learn tune, I’d love to hear about it.