That is exactly how it is described in an article from Time Out New York, which I found via a blog post by Brown Music Therapy. The article is titled “The New Hybrids” and leads in as follows:

We’re not talking about eco-friendly cars, but innovative fields that blend disciplines in unexpected ways – and could kick-start your career.

Other “hybrid” jobs mentioned in the article include narrative medicine, urban agriculture, and food media. I’ve never used that particular term to describe music therapy, but in a way, it sort of fits. Music therapy is still considered to be a new and, for some people, unconventional field, and there is always a lot of curiosity at the mention of it.

If you are a music therapist, you know how difficult it can be to explain your job to someone who is completely unfamiliar with the field. I still struggle with this, even after almost three years. I’ve read so many magazine and newspaper articles where music therapy is either misrepresented or poorly explained, so I was impressed with the short write-up featured in this article. Read it for yourself here.