Night of Music Therapy Poster

Once upon a time, I was a graduate student at Illinois State University studying to become a music therapist. And even though it’s been almost 8 years since I sat at a desk in a classroom, I still remember the feeling of wanting to soak up every last bit of information from the music therapists who taught and presented during my time there.

This past weekend marks my second time presenting at my alma mater’s annual Night of Music Therapy event, and both times, I’ve experience a little déjà vu from the students’ perspective. They are just like I once was — eager to learn, ask questions, and come away with knowledge that they can use going forward on their paths to becoming music therapists.

Presenting at Night of Music Therapy

At this year’s event, I presented to both the students and the community at large. During the student session, I talked about my own journey from student to professional music therapist, and gave advice for how they can start preparing now and during internship for their careers.

The Journey from Music Therapy Student to Professional

The community session focused on the growth of music therapy in Springfield starting before I came to work here to the present. I also included a lot of background information about music therapy for those who weren’t as familiar with it, and how the community has played an integral role in supporting the growth of this field.

The Evolution of Music Therapy in the Capital City

I always enjoy spending time with students, especially the students at Illinois State University. They took me to dinner in between the two presentations, so I had a chance to get to know them better and learn more about their professional goals.

Crescendo Music Therapy Club

Such a great bunch of future music therapists (and of course, their fearless leader, Dr. Cindy Ropp). Thank you to Crescendo, the student music therapy association at ISU, for inviting me to present!

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