Off to Pre-K and 1st Grade | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

Last week, we reached a new milestone in our family: both kids are back together again at the same school, on the same schedule! My daughter started all-day Pre-K and joined my son, who started 1st grade.

If you’re a parent who has juggled multiple drop-offs, pick-ups, and differing schedules at any point in time, then I’m sure you can appreciate my excitement over this new development.

Parker has been so sweet with Mia Belle, telling her all about the school routine: how to line up with her class in the morning, where she’ll eat lunch, and all the “specials” she’ll get to attend throughout the week. When I pick them up after school, they immediately find each other and hold hands as we walk to the car. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever :)

Off to Pre-K and 1st Grade | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

This is Parker’s first year wearing uniforms, and I can’t get over how grown-up he looks in them! I’m enjoying the simplified task of getting dressed each morning, and truthfully, I wish they wore uniforms in Pre-K and kindergarten, too, since Mia can be a bit of a diva when it comes to choosing her outfit of the day.

First grade is a big transition; school work is more serious, and there is homework nearly every night. So far Parker is doing really well with all the changes this year has brought, and I think it’s going to be a great year for him.

I was nervous for Mia on her first day of Pre-K. Not only was she starting a brand new school, but she only knew a couple of the kids in her class. She had a couple teary moments during drop-off, but when we left the classroom and I peeked back at her, she was smiling and happily coloring.

The biggest change for her is going to school 5 days a week, since the most she’s ever gone to daycare/preschool before is 4 days. I had a much harder time with her first Friday away than she did, though, and going forward I’ll admit it will be nice to have the extra work hours in my week.

After a more challenging summer than usual, I’m happy that we are all on a consistent schedule and falling into a comfortable routine for the school year. No doubt will there be lessons to learn and more challenges to overcome along the way, but I’m ready for them.

For those of you who are entering a new school year, whether as music therapists, educators, parents, or a combination thereof, I am sending you all the well wishes and good vibes. I have a really great feeling about the year ahead!