Last Lesson in the Old Studio

On Friday afternoon, the spring session ended and I taught my LAST LESSON EVER in the original Music Therapy Connections studio.  My lovely student Grace was happy to pose in a few pictures commemorating the occasion and showing off the extremely empty digs.

The very next day, my helpful (and strong) brothers-in-law came over to help my husband move the last remaining item — the piano — into the new studio.  It was sort of sad to close the doors of the room that has served me so well over the past two years; it’s the end of an era.

Empty Studio

It won’t stay empty for long: the room will be a temporary home to a few miscellaneous furniture items in the coming weeks.  Zach and I had plans to make that happen this weekend, but after all the painting, organizing, picture hanging, and arranging I did over the last three days, my energy is drained.

Speaking of all that, I have lots of pictures to share in my next studio renovation progress update!  A lot has happened since my last pathetic update…and you’ll get to see it all later this week.