One Thing at a Time

Last Sunday night, I felt completely overwhelmed thinking about the week ahead.

We’re in the midst of having our new building renovated, and we had yet to find a painter after my regular painter broke his foot. We also needed to choose carpeting, finalize the design for our building signs, and tie up some administrative loose ends.

On top of that, we needed to finish planning and rehearse for our Midsummer Music Celebration, happening tomorrow afternoon. The to-do lists and emails were endless.

Monday morning I woke up at 5 am as usual and as I got to work, that feeling of overwhelm starting to dissipate. It was replaced with excitement as I tackled each to-do. My husband took on the task of finding a new painter, and my business partner Katey and I came up with a game plan for the days ahead.

It was a busy week (especially with a baby in tow at all times and my toddler home with me for 2 of those days), but I took things one at a time rather than letting the big picture stress me out. A painter was secured, carpet was chosen, rehearsals were had, and all of our ducks are in a row for tomorrow’s event.

Though I don’t usually get up early on Saturdays to work, I did today. I’m feeling completely overwhelmed again — with excitement and gratitude rather than stress. I’m excited about all the growth and changes coming for my business, and grateful for a career that I love and that fulfills me to the point where I enjoy waking up before the sun to work, on a weekend, no less.

I wanted to write this post, as cheesy and rambling as it is, so that I can look back in many years and remember how and why I was able to manage such a full plate at this time in my life.

(I should also mention that it’s only been possible because I have an infant who has consistently slept through the night since she was two days old…redemption for baby #1, who didn’t sleep a full night until he was 11 months old. And now I’ll go knock on wood for the rest of the day.)