Well, we finally got around to finishing the nursery…and it only took two months after the baby was born! Actually, we started working on this room way back in April (here’s a sneak peek I posted) and SLOWLY added furniture and decor as the weeks went on.

Fast forward to 10 pm last night, when Zach and I were arguing over which wall to put the anchor decal on — I won that battle ;) Up went the canvases above the crib, and we called it a night. I posted all the photos on Facebook, which you can see here.

I have to admit that Parker got the best room in the house, and it is the most decorated of any room, too! I’m not known for my interior design skills, but I hope one day to work on those (right after I develop my cooking skills a bit more). I feel like I need to be better at both of those things, now that I’m a mom and therefore, a true grown-up.