Every October, I’d go to each classroom at my former job brimming with excitement about the new Halloween songs I’d written for my students.

They always went over well. But inevitably, at the end of each class I’d hear, “Can we sing the ‘Purple People Eater’ song?” Mind you, it was usually (but not always) a staff member making the request.

Even so, the kids loved it just as much. Especially the movements – which I conveniently left out of my video! Ha! Luckily, they’re not too complicated: make “one eye” with your fist to your forehead, “one horn” with your thumb to your forehead and your pinkie sticking out, and then “fly” with your thumbs tucked under your armpits.

Did you dig this song as a kid, like I did? Raise your hand if you still get a kick out of it! Just don’t blame me if you have it stuck in your head all day long now :)