Ready, Set, Wait Album Cover

The first time I sing this song with a group of kids, it catches them off guard — which is exactly what I was going for when I wrote it. There they are, all ready to wiggle their fingers/toes/knees/etc. and BOOM! I drop the “W” bomb on them.

No child likes to wait, but learning to be patient is an important skill even at an early age. So is listening carefully, which are two goals for the song Ready, Set, Wait. The other include body part identification, motor skills, and following directions.

Once my students get used to hearing “wait” before it’s time to wiggle, I like to change it up on them and skip right to “go”. This is an excellent way to test their listening skills (and give them a good giggle).

I included this song in our current early childhood music class session, and it’s been an earworm around our studio these last couple of weeks. As annoying as that can get, it’s also the sign of an effective song…especially where kids are concerned!

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