Goodbyes aren’t easy. There’s nothing fun about parting with a relative or friend, whether its for a few short days or for an extended period of time. But if saying goodbye is difficult for you, think about how it must feel for a child who has severe separation anxiety issues. Many of the children I work with must deal with this on a daily basis, and that is one of the things we can address during music therapy.

We always end our sessions with a goodbye song, and I try to stick with those that are happy and upbeat so that the transition to the next activity is hopefully a positive one. However, I wanted to address the feelings that some children associate with saying goodbye, which is why I wrote this particular song.

In the morning when I go to school,
It’s time to say goodbye.
To the people I’m leaving, like mom and dad,
It’s time to say goodbye.

Goodbye means only ’til next time,
To the people I’ll see again soon.
Sometimes goodbyes are hard for me,
So I’ll say goodbye with a tune.

In the afternoon when I go home,
It’s time to say goodbye.
To the people I’m leaving, like teacher and friends,
It’s time to say goodbye.


It’s important to validate the anxious or sad feeling a child may experience when he or she says goodbye, and reassure that it is only a temporary separation (except in the case of death, which is a completely different subject I will be addressing soon).

This song could be used at different transition times throughout the day; I mentioned going to school and coming home from school, but you could easily add verses about going other places or seeing off a friend or loved one for a period of time.

And now I must say goodbye to you! Wednesdays are very busy here at The Hope Institute, and my first of five group sessions begins soon. Have a wonderful day :)