A whole week has gone by since I last posted, but at least I have a good excuse: I was on vacation!  A much-needed one, to be honest, after a whirlwind winter and four long days in the recording studio.  Zach and I had a wonderful time in San Antonio, where we hit up the Alamo (as you can see above), the Riverwalk, and of course, the resort pool.  It’s always tough coming back to reality after a relaxing vacation, but as the title of this post states, my batteries are recharged and I’m feeling more than ready to take on all of the projects awaiting me.

And speaking of new projects, I figured that since the school year is winding down and summer is approaching, there’s no better time than now to share with you the big items on my list of to-dos and goals.  June, July, and August are the three months I devote to my own work outside of The Hope Institute, and I’ve already set the bar pretty high for this summer.  Here are just a few of the things I want to accomplish:

  • Finish creating sheet music for every last one of my 100+ Listen & Learn songs.  I’ve been doing so on an as-needed basis, but it’s time to bite the bullet and get the job done.
  • Complete all of the materials I’ll need for my first-ever music therapy intern, who will be joining me at Hope in August.  
  • Update the organizational system in my home office/studio.  I spend almost all of my time there in the summer, so it needs to be in tip-top shape.
  • Release and distribute my first studio album! This will most likely take place in June or July, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Of course there are many other goals on my list, but I’ll keep a few under wraps so I have new material to share with you every once in a while.  And while I’m on the subject of new material, let me just tell you that my number one priority in the coming weeks is writing and posting NEW SONGS.  Right now I’m working on one about the Ice Age for a kids’ museum camp-in at which I’ll be providing a musical experience, and I’m always up for other topic suggestions!

Well it’s time to roll on out to my first music therapy session of the day.  Thanks for sticking with me, and for continuing to spread the word about Listen & Learn.  I receive emails from new readers almost every single day, and they never fail to put a smile on my face.  See you back here soon!