A year ago today, I sat in this same chair and wrote a blog post very similar to the one I’m writing now.  I can’t believe an entire school year has flown by since then!  It really has gone by quickly, not that I’m complaining :)  As much as I love my time here at The Hope Institute, I sure am looking forward to having a few months away to tackle new projects and recharge my batteries so that when I return in August, I’m refreshed and ready to rock.

While cleaning out and organizing my office today, I’ve come across quite a few reminders of how busy, productive, and fun this year has been.  There were leftover CDs my students and I created for our Celebrity Chef fundraiser, copies of my presentation at the Illinois State Board of Education’s nonpublic schools conference, an issue of the magazine in which our school (and my music therapy program) were featured, the programs from our holiday sing-along and spring sing-along, and my favorite: the numerous cards, gifts and artwork my students have given me throughout the year.

I’m a big baby when it comes to good-byes, so I’m trying to focus on all the big things this summer holds.  Get ready for an onslaught of new songs, the release of my first studio album, and everything else I’m cooking up for you, my cherished Listen & Learn readers!