When the “Mamma Mia!” musical first came out, I listened to the Broadway soundtrack nonstop. I still turn it on from time to time, because the songs are so upbeat (for the most part) and put me in such a great mood. “I Have a Dream” is one of my favorite songs to teach beginning voice and guitar students, and like I said in the video, I like to use it in music therapy sessions with my middle school students. They’ve always enjoyed the song and the discussions it sparks, but it’s even more popular now that the movie is out.

I watched “Mamma Mia!” (the movie version) for the first time yesterday, and now I’m craving a sunny beach vacation in Greece. That’s not in my future anytime soon, but I will be heading to exotic St. Louis tomorrow for a week in the recording studio.  I’m enjoying one more lazy day before the fun begins, and it just happens to be my puppy, Sadie’s 1st birthday!  Just take a look at this little sweetie:

I’m off to play with the birthday girl (who is currently covered in mud and rain thanks to the lovely weather), so I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.  If you haven’t yet, please go enter my DVD giveaway, and stay tuned this week for updates from the recording studio!