Keep Calm and Sing On

Keep Calm and Sing On

As I mentioned last week, I’m currently participating in the #MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge hosted by Julie Palmieri at Serenade Designs. This week’s prompt was to share a quote that we love and/or makes us think, and then write a blog post reflecting upon that quote.

I’ve come across many inspirational, motivating, and thought-provoking quotes in the past, and while the one I shared above may not be the most prolific, it is definitely the most applicable to my life right now.

I kind of have a lot going on at the moment, which is not news if you’ve been reading my blog lately. My private practice is about to undergo some major (and super exciting) changes, I have lots of projects happening through my online business, and well, there’s the fact that my baby could be born any day now.

But despite all of that, I have to keep singing. All day, every day. With my clients, with my toddler (his current favorite is “Humpty Dumpty” and I’ve never been so ready to move on to a new song in my life), by myself in my car to keep my brain from imploding with all the thoughts constantly running through it.

I have this quote framed and sitting on my piano as a daily reminder. It’s been there for a few years now; the straightforwardness and simplicity of it sets me back on track when I start to feel my stress level rising.

Here’s to a calm day full of singing, sunshine, and whatever else life decides to bring my way. (I wouldn’t be too upset if that included a baby girl…!)

Mommyhood Reality Check

Mommyhood Reality Check

It’s taken me at least four separate sessions spread out over two days to type this blog post, so hitting “publish” is going to feel like quite an accomplishment. Just like completing a load of laundry, making the bed, putting on makeup, and writing a thank you card all feel like big accomplishments these days.

Before I had a baby, I just couldn’t understand why new moms always say they’re lucky if they are able to shower on a daily basis — and now I totally get it. Caring for a tiny human being is a LOT of work, between feeding, changing, comforting, and just holding him while he sleeps.

I have an inbox full of fantastic guest posts by several fellow music therapists and bloggers, and although it was my goal to have them queued up and ready to post starting last week, it just hasn’t happened yet. Parker and I are still establishing a routine, and when I do have the opportunity to get things done during naptime, I usually resort to either sleeping (because not much of that happens at night!) or taking care of the basics around the house.

This blog post is anything BUT a complaint; I absolutely love being a mom and everything that comes with it (including the sleepless nights). It’s more of a reassurance that I haven’t dropped off the face of this earth, and that there’s some good stuff coming your way thanks to my colleagues…just as soon as I have the time and mental capacity (that darn sleep deprivation again) to post it. Thank you for being patient and sticking around during this hopefully short-lived blogging drought!

Seeking Balance in 2013

Hello, 2013!

Here’s the cold, hard truth: the transition from 2012 to 2013 has been a little rough for me. Not because I wasn’t ready for the start of a new year, but because physically, I was in bad shape. I’ve had enough cold bugs in the past that I normally stand up to them like a champ, but this last one got the best of me.

I spent the final three days of 2012 in bed, only getting up to fulfill two performance obligations (including one on New Year’s Eve, when I was at my very worst). There was so much I wanted to do — take down my Christmas decorations, clean my house, write my “2013” song, and get my studio ready for the new semester — but nothing got done. This was one of those rare occasions when I decided to really listen to my body and put my health above all, something I wasn’t used to doing before I was pregnant.

That extra rest paid off, thankfully, and I was ready for my first day back to work yesterday. I’m still not feeling my best, and my voice isn’t nearly back to normal, but I’m thrilled to be functioning as a human being again.

And I’m finally at the point where I can be excited about the start of a brand new year. There is so much to look forward to in 2013; so much, in fact, that I decided not to overwhelm myself with any HUGE goals or resolutions. With my first baby on the way, I need to focus on bringing more BALANCE into my life…something that has eluded me in the past. And that was okay; I could get away with overloading myself with work up until now.

So while I may not be committing to blogging every single day or writing a new song every week in 2013, I am making a promise to set an example in productivity, creativity, and progress in both my work and personal lives…while maintaining my sanity and keeping my stress level to a minimum (both of which where challenged frequently over the last few years!).

My next balancing act of the day involves eating a healthy breakfast, followed by getting to work recording my new “2013” song — well, the instrument parts, at least. I’ll have the finished product here for you just as soon as my voice returns in full. Thanks for being patient, and for following along with my quest for balance in 2013!

Friday Fave: 2012 in Review

2012 Review

It’s a little mind-blowing to think that I’m writing the very last “Friday Fave” installment of 2012. This year seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye…maybe because I wasn’t blogging every day like I did in 2011.

Even so, I had plenty to keep me busy over the last 12 months. I kicked off 2012 by announcing a BIG work-related goal: to write and record an original Listen & Learn song every single week for a year. I had been slacking a bit in the songwriting department, and wanted to work on my skills (not to mention beef up my catalog of resources for my own clients).

This goal proved to be a challenging one, but it has also been one of the most rewarding. I truly love the writing and recording process, now moreso than ever; and the feedback I’ve received from my own clients, Listen & Learn readers, and other music therapists who’ve purchased my songs has made my effort worth every last moment spent (times one hundred!).

I’m looking forward to writing many more songs in 2013, but I’m not setting a hard and fast goal for myself when it comes to the blog. But I’ll save the New Year’s talk for January…let’s get back to 2012. When I wasn’t busy cranking out new music, I was working with clients, teaching lessons, and building my Music Therapy Connections business.

In June, I had the opportunity to hire a brilliant music therapist who had just moved to the area, and she has been subcontracting for me ever since. It has worked out better than I could have ever imagined — not only does she have an opportunity to work with lots of clients, but I now have a much shorter waiting list.

The highlight reel for 2012 is quite long, so I’ll end my yearly review with a few bullet points. Here goes:

  • Celebrating 3 years of Music Therapy Round Table podcasts and a successful first year of Music Therapy Pro
  • Watching many of my students perform in our local Junior Festival — a few even received their first gold cups!
  • Wrapping up my first official year of full-time business ownership, which went more smoothly than I could have asked for
  • Spending a fun and productive weekend with my MTRT & MT Pro colleagues, Kimberly Sena Moore and Michelle Efurt (and finding out that Michelle is expecting a baby…due in a little over a week!)
  • Taking some personal time to enjoy several amazing vacations with my husband. Between Key Largo, Europe, and Maui, we had the travel year of a lifetime
  • Getting the opportunity to spread the word about my business through several media outlets, including television and radio interviews
  • Finding out that I’m expecting! Baby Rambach is due on June 14!
  • Seeing many of my music therapy friends (and meeting lots of new ones) in person at the AMTA national conference
  • Spending the holidays with my friends from across the country and of course, my entire family

Both personally and professionally, 2012 was a year I will never forget…in the best possible way. I’m so thankful to have an outlet where I can share my ideas, creations, and random thoughts, and even more thankful that so many people are interested in reading.

Thank you so much for making this blog worth writing. I hope your year was filled with good things, and I so look forward to ringing in 2013 with you!

2011: The Year in Review

2011 Year in Review

With just four days remaining in 2011, it’s time to take a look back at what has happened this year, both personally and professionally (as I did in 2009 and 2010). 2011 will go down as a life-changing year in my book, to be sure.

I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions or set huge goals for myself in January, but for some reason, I took a leap at the beginning of 2011 by announcing my plan to blog every day for an entire year. At first, it was easy — I was full of new songs, topic ideas, and enthusiasm. As the months went by, blogging daily became more of a challenge, especially as my private practice and studio continued to grow. But I stuck with it, and now am only a few days away from reaching my goal. It’s a pretty great feeling!

One of my most frequent blog topics has been my career path. 2011 saw a BIG change when I left my first job as a professional music therapist at The Hope Institute for Children & Families after four years. I took my private practice and studio full-time, more than doubling my student load in June. Those summer months were beyond stressful, but they were proof that I could in fact support myself as a fully self-employed music therapist.

Not only did my career undergo an overhaul, but so did my studio. I said goodbye to my original location and watched as the other side of my house was transformed into a dedicated studio space with a separate entrance. Not only am I in love with the new studio, but so are my students, their families, and my husband (because he now has full reign over the rest of the house when he comes home from work).

2011 was also the year I rediscovered my love for performing. I was active in the local music scene for a couple of years, but didn’t have the time for most of 2010 and the first half of this year. I jumped back in over the summer, and have been going strong ever since. In fact, I’ll spend this New Year’s weekend playing out. Performing is the perfect balance to teaching and music therapy.

Other highlights of 2011: launching Music Therapy Pro with my wonderful colleagues and friends, Kimberly & Michelle; strengthening my connections with other music therapists doing extraordinary things both online and off, and attending another spectacular AMTA national conference.

One thing that has remained constant every year is the love and support of my family and friends. I’m so lucky to have been blessed with parents who stand behind every decision I make and are my biggest fans. Well, actually my husband shares that title with them. He has been amazingly supportive of my transition into self-employment and puts up with all my rehearsals, late nights working, and constant computer time. Blessed really doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel!

I’m beyond excited for 2012, especially where Listen & Learn is concerned. Many of you have asked about my plans (will I continue to blog every day? will I be setting a new crazy goal?) and I’ll be filling you in soon. Thank you for continuing to read the blog, becoming members of Listen & Learn Plus, and sharing my songs and resources with your own students and clients.

What were your 2011 highlights? I would love to read your thoughts on the year as it comes to a close, whether in the comments below or in your very own year-end blog post (or both!).