Parker Goes to Kindergarten | Listen & Learn Music

Wasn’t I telling you about Parker starting part-time daycare just yesterday?

At least, it seems like just yesterday we were taking that big leap. But that was actually almost 4 years ago, when he was turning 18 months old. Now he’s approaching his 5th birthday, and kindergarten is on the horizon.

Seeing all the first day of school photos plastered on social media every fall, that always felt SO far off for us. I remember feeling lucky that I still had plenty of time before we’d go through that rite of passage.

And then yesterday, there I was, taking a photo of Parker outside his future school after successful completion of his kindergarten screening. This little boy — my baby — can hardly wait.

I’m excited, too. I know he’s ready, despite the fact that he’ll be one of the youngest in his class. This is a BIG milestone, though, and one that comes with many changes.

For one, my children will be at two different schools for the first time. That will be an adjustment, especially for Mia Belle, who adores her big brother and loves getting to see him throughout the day. Thankfully once Mia starts kindergarten, they will be in school together for the next 7 years, which will make ALL of our lives easier.

Another big change: my work schedule. Since I’ll be picking Parker up after school, I’ll need to wrap up my workday by 2:30 in order to get to pickup on time. Being able to pick my kids up after school is super important to me, and while I will miss being able to work with students and clients in the afternoons, I’m grateful that I’ll be the one waiting for Parker at the end of the school day.

From what I hear, having a school-aged kid comes with a LOT of responsibility. Signing forms, making sure homework is done, volunteering in the classroom…sounds a little overwhelming. But mostly I’m looking forward to it, especially since other parents tell me all the time how wonderful the school community is. Here’s to stepping up my parenting game!

There are still a few more months before school starts, so I have some time left to prepare (aka steel myself). We have a full and fun summer ahead…one last hurrah before my little boy becomes a big kindergartener.

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