It Literally Feels Like January 74th | Listen & Learn Music

As I type this, it is the final day of what has felt like the LONGEST. MONTH. EVER. I’m still not completely convinced that February will actually arrive tomorrow. Based on the number of memes I’ve seen on the internet, I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Between spending the first week of the month home with kids on winter break, trying to get back into the swing of real life, 3 separate home-from-school illnesses, and now almost an entire week off due to extreme cold, January has been…challenging.

That said, I won’t call it a “bad” month. I’ve been mostly on track with my 2019 goals, we’ve celebrated some big accomplishments at Music Therapy Connections, and my husband found out he is AAA Insurance’s “Agent of the Year” AND “Agency of the Year” throughout his entire 8-state region (a reeeally big deal).

Dad is Agent of the Year! | Listen & Learn Music

But still, this month has stretched on…and on…and on. My biz partner Katey and I even recorded an entire episode of our podcast, Creative Business Breakdown, about how interminable January has been, and how to stay motivated despite the numerous challenges that has posed.

I went into this week feeling a little stressed about everything I needed to accomplish, only to have most of my working hours vanish into thin air due to school cancellations. But you know what? We’ve made it work.

On Tuesday, my son spent most of the day split between my husband’s office and mine. Yesterday I woke up at 4 am, and had almost all of my must-do tasks for the day finished by the time the kids were up. My son spent the afternoon at his grandparents’ house, and today our babysitter is coming for a few hours.

So here we are on January 74th (or is it 93rd?), with an end in sight. February will come tomorrow, and there will be challenges this month, too. But at least there are less days. Oh, and a trip to Florida…that helps a whole lot.

How has your January been? I’m over here cheering you on no matter what you’ve been through these last 187 days ;)