Week 23 is just about over, and here I am finally getting around to writing about it. I was pretty occupied over the weekend; I spent all day on Saturday working at Festival, and after 7 hours on my feet, it was all I could do to collapse into bed when I got home. Sunday was just as busy, between church, a rehearsal, and Church Mice.

Zach and I finally got to spend some time together on Sunday night, so we went to dinner and continued our baby boy name discussion. We may or may not have decided on one :)

Tuesday night, Matt and I (better known as Rachel & Matt) performed our concert for the Prairie Grapevine Folklore Society. It went really well! Hard to believe that we only have one performance left before we take a break for the baby.

I’ve spent the last couple of days busy with work, and now we’re approaching week 24 — 6 months! We have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, where we’ll  get to see our baby during the ultrasound. Time is moving much faster lately, which is juuuust fine with me. Come on, spring!