We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This book and I go wayyyyy back. Like, back to my internship days. So it’s pretty funny that my toddler son is currently singing “the bear hunt song” on repeat these days. He heard it for the first time when it was the featured singable story in my early childhood music class, and now it’s a staple in our daily rotation.

He has listened to it so often and we have read it together so frequently that he can now recite it pretty much by memory, as demonstrated in this video I took recently (don’t mind the background white noise — my baby girl was asleep in the next room).

Not bad for a two-year-old, right!? He gets a little creative with the words here and there, but usually sticks pretty close to the original plot line. He also really likes acting it out when he’s not accompanying himself on the toy xylophone. Here’s my recording of it, for reference.

It’s pretty wonderful watching my son grow to love music so much. There’s a lot of crossover between being a parent and a music therapist; I consider myself super lucky that I get to watch music work its magic as both.

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