L&L Turns 10 - Year 3 | Listen & Learn Music

I was enthusiastic about Listen & Learn Music from day one, but in Year 3, I took things to the next level. I decided to post EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year, and as crazy as that might have sounded, I actually did it.

I had plenty of experiences that year to inspire new content: supervising my first music therapy intern, running music therapy groups in a new setting, starting a performing duo, and ramping up my private practice, Music Therapy Connections.

I was writing more songs than ever before, and it was during this year that I realized the potential for Listen & Learn Music to become a significant source of income. That realization led to one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

After working in my full-time job as a music therapist at The Hope Institute for 4 years, a job in which I received a regular salary and full benefits, I decided not to return the following school year in order to pursue my private practice and online business on a full-time basis.

This decision was met with some criticism from people close to me, and it was extremely hard to say goodbye to my colleagues and students. But I knew it was the right move, because I had big dreams for Music Therapy Connections and Listen & Learn Music.

My 2010 Gift to You

YOU are the reason that Listen & Learn Music is still alive and well today, and YOU are the reason I’ll be celebrating another 10 years in 2028. Every email and comment I receive detailing how a song was brought to life in a classroom or music therapy session, and how it helped a child to learn a new skill, provides the motivation to make this an even more valuable resource for you.

To properly thank you for your support, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite resources with you from the L&L collection each day in yearly chronological order, all the way through September 10.

Today’s gift is a pack of the 3 fall-themed songs that I still rotate the MOST throughout this season; you can sing about Fall week after week while still offering some variety. The pack includes the song recordings as well as a PDF songbook with melody line, lyrics, and chords.

Fall Song Pack | Listen & Learn Music

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Our Biggest Giveaway Ever

On September 10, one extremely lucky winner will receive a LIFETIME VIP MEMBERSHIP to Listen & Learn Plus, including all current and future CMTE courses.

Lifetime Membership Giveaway! | Listen & Learn Plus

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