I got to take a surprise peek at Baby Rambach this week! There was lots of moving around and kicking, and in this picture, the baby is waving at me. I also got to hear the heartbeat, which was 168 bpm.

After the ultrasound technician made sure that everything looked okay, I asked if she could tell whether I’m growing a little boy or little girl. She said she saw a little something between the legs, and that if she had to guess at this point, she’d say it was a boy. However, my doctor told us not to buy anything just yet…they told her the same thing about her baby at 14 weeks, and then at 20 weeks they told her she was actually having a girl.

Up until then, I was convinced that I was having a girl. But when I heard “boy” I got super excited — I will be thrilled either way. We’ll know for sure in about a month!