Quick Fix

Can you guess why Dawson looks so happy in this picture? It could be the fact that he LOVES guitar lessons so much…or it could be that we’ve finally figured out a way for him to comfortably play his guitar.

That box underneath his feet was such a simple solution, but it has made all the difference in the world. We spent Dawson’s first couple of lessons trying to figure out a way for him to keep that giant guitar (comparatively speaking) propped up on his leg. Even though my stools are child-sized, they’re just a little too tall for this situation; and the floor was no good either.

So when I spotted that box underneath my desk — I actually have two of them — I pulled it out and told Dawson to rest his feet on it. Voila, the perfect fix! I now have three or four students who use that box for the same purpose.

I’ve implemented several other quick fixes in and around my studio that have been quite effective. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • My “MacGuyvered” ukulele strap (here’s a picture)
  • The tubano drum which stands in as a side table while I teach piano lessons
  • A waiting room coffee table that provides extra seating (here’s a picture)

What are some easy solutions you’ve come up with to make your life (and your students’ lives, too) a little easier?