iPhone Voice Memos for Songwriting

Today’s Friday Fave is actually a spin-off of yesterday’s guest post at Time for Music, which is the second installment of my “Adventures in Songwriting” series.  I mentioned that I use the voice memo app during the songwriting process, and Susan of the wonderful blog Make Me Musical wanted to hear more about it.

I wrote about my favorite iPhone apps around this time last year, but lo and behold, I failed to mention voice memos.  I keep my iPhone next to me while I write my songs, first so that I can tune my guitar using the Cleartune app, and second, so that I don’t lose my melodies before I get them down on paper.

As I mentioned while describing my songwriting process, the melody usually comes to me organically as I’m writing the lyrics.  I don’t like to switch gears between perfecting the words and figuring out chords, so I simply open the voice memo app (which comes already installed on the iPhone) and hit record.  That way I can sing or hum the melody and save it for later.

Not only does this app let me save my voice memos under a custom title, but when I sync my phone to my laptop, they automatically transfer to a dedicated iTunes playlist.  These features come in extremely handy when I use voice memos during my lessons and music therapy sessions.  Often I’ll record a piece of music for a student, download it to my computer, and then pop it onto his or her USB flashdrive for practice purposes.

I’d love to hear about other uses for the voice memo app.  iPhone users: any tips to share?  Bonus points if they’re related to songwriting :)  Happy weekend, all!