{23 Days of Gratitude} Day 21 – You!

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 21 - You

When I purchased the domain name for Listen & Learn Music a little over 9 years ago, I never imagined this would become a place that would help me connect with hundreds of music therapists, teachers, and parents across the country. Every time I attend AMTA national conference, it’s especially apparent just how many friends I’ve made through this tiny corner of the internet.


{23 Days of Gratitude} Day 15 – AMTA National Conference

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 15 - AMTA National Conference

Every November for the last 8 years, I’ve spent a few days with 1,000+ other music therapists learning, presenting and exhibiting my work. I’ve met countless therapists from all over the country, and built friendships with many of them through my conference experiences.


{23 Days of Gratitude} Day 11 – My Education

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 11 - My Education

I was much too young and oblivious to fully understand and appreciate the value of my education as I was receiving it. Of course, I knew that college was expensive (especially a private out-of-state one), but I took for granted to an extent the fact that my parents were able to give me such an amazing gift.


{23 Days of Gratitude} Day 9 – Podcasts

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 9 - Podcasts

Thanks to my friend and fellow music therapist Kimberly Sena Moore, I learned about podcasts long before they were cool (way back in 2009). I became a podcaster long before most people even knew what a podcast was, and have been doing it pretty much ever since.


{23 Days of Gratitude} Day 6 – My Studio

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 6 - My Studio

Music Therapy Connections has had quite the journey, from being based in my car (when I traveled to my students and clients), to my home, to 3 small rooms inside a music store, to now our own 2,500 square feet of space.

When my co-owner Katey and I stepped foot into the building for the first time, we knew it was where MTC was meant to be. We poured hours upon hours and our blood, sweat and tears (well, mostly Katey, since I had a newborn at the time) into making it the perfect studio for us.


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