Cordoba Tenor Ukulele

My parents thought I was a little nuts when I told them all I wanted for Christmas was a new ukulele. I had fun learning on my $60 soprano uke, but was ready to upgrade to something a little more sturdy — and more importantly, a uke I could plug in to a sound system for gigs.

I’m all grown up, but I still love a good Christmas surprise. After we had opened almost all of our presents, my dad announced that he had forgotten one in the car. When he carried in a giant wrapped box, I was a little more than excited…sure enough, it turned out to be the beauty I’m so happily pictured with above!

Cordona Tenor Ukulele and Case

The Cordoba Tenor Ukulele has a solid mahogany top, mahogany sides and back, an electronic pick-up, and above all, a beautiful sound that I can’t get enough of. It’s such a fun instrument to play that I’m already predicting most of my new songs and videos will feature the uke.

Ever since becoming a music therapy student back in 2004, my Christmas list has included instruments and other tools of the trade. I doubt that will change anytime soon :) Did you unwrap any new instruments or other music therapy supplies this Christmas?