Shopping bagsOn this day one week ago, I set out at 4 a.m. in search of the perfect Christmas gifts for my friends and family.  After 8 straight hours of shopping, I returned home with a trunkful of goodies…for my home studio.

Okay, so I did buy a few gifts, but picking out useful things for my favorite space was much easier :)  I just couldn’t resist all the Black Friday deals I came across, not to mention the Cyber Monday deals online.  Here’s the run-down on my discounted haul:

Shopping for Studio

  • Multi-Color Storage Cart: I’ve had my eye on this for awhile, as it’s perfect for storing all of the forms and worksheets I use with my students.  Luckily, it was one of the doorbusters at Shopko on Friday morning and I got 60% off.
  • Blank CD-Rs: This might sound like a silly thing to be excited about, but considering how many blank CD-Rs I go through each week, I couldn’t pass up packs of 100 for ten bucks.
  • Flip UltraHD Video Camera: I’ve been using this particular video camera for almost a year to record all of my Sunday Singalong videos, courtesy of my mom.  I gave it to her as a gift last Christmas, but loved it so much that I’ve been “borrowing” it ever since.  The Flip was on super-sale, so I decided it was time to invest in one for myself and give my mom’s back.
  • Shopping for Studio DealsCommotion in the Ocean: I’m always on the lookout for good singable stories, especially when they are on sale.  Amazon is my go-to place for new children’s books, and I found this one on sale (along with a few others) during Cyber Monday.
  • Flip Video Tripod: I’ve been rigging up my own tripods all year, but when I came across this legitimate one for cheap, I added it to my online shopping basket.
  • HP Ink Combo Pack: Another seemingly boring purchase that was actually quite exciting to me!  I go through a lot of ink printing visual aides and other resources for my students, and it definitely adds up.  So anytime I can get it for less, I take advantage of that opportunity.

There were a few other items for my studio that made their way into my cart (both in the stores and online), but these were the ones that made me most happy.  Did you buy anything work-related over the Thanksgiving holiday?  If so, please spill!