Kids Sing Studio

After almost three years of blogging (and over 700 posts), it still amazes me that some people think of me as an “expert” on certain topics related to studio teaching, songwriting, and music therapy.  Yet I continue to receive emails and comments from people thanking me for my resources and advice.  (Not that I’m complaining — each one of them truly makes my day!)

But I have a list of go-to people that I consider to be the true experts.  Lisa Casciola of Kids Sing Studio is one of those people.  I first met Lisa on the second day of my music therapy internship, since she was one of my supervisors.  I got to spend almost nine months learning from someone with whom I shared many of the same interests and goals.  Not only did she help me become a better music therapist, but I also got the bonus of learning about running a teaching studio.

Lisa is the kind of teacher I aspire to be.  Her studio holds masterclasses (with famous Broadway performers, no less!), yearly recitals, holiday parties, and offers all kinds of cool classes and summer programs related to music technology and performance.  Like me, she teaches students of all abilities.

Just this week, I emailed Lisa and asked for some new repertoire suggestions.  She replied almost immediately with a huge list of songs and resources for me.  Looking back over the last four years of teaching, I think I owe Lisa for all the songs that have been the biggest hits amongst my students.

So now that I’ve sung Lisa’s praises, I want to know…who is your go-to expert, or the person you look up to as a role model in your field?