23 Days of Gratitude | Day 16 - My Husband

For my husband Zach’s 30th birthday, I wrote a list of “30 things I love about you” and framed it. He did the same for me a few months later, and now both framed lists hang in our master bathroom. I like to reread them every once in a while, and each time I do, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be married to him.

We weren’t parents yet when we wrote those lists, so they don’t even touch on the reasons I am most grateful for him in this season of life. I have loved watching him become a father twice over, both times after taking such wonderful care of me throughout my pregnancies.

There are times when Zach feels like one of the kids, because he has so much fun with Parker and Mia. They truly adore him, and they also know they can get away with just about anything when he’s in charge :)

That said, he is all hands on deck when I need him to be. Like today, for example, as I head to the AMTA national conference for the next 4 days. Zach is excited to have a “dad’s weekend” with the kids, and encourages me to take trips with my girlfriends regularly.

There is no one I know who works harder than my husband in order to support our family. After 12 years as an insurance agent, he opened his own agency and poured his heart and soul into growing it exponentially. He knows how important it is to me to spend less time working and more time with our kids, and has made sure that is possible.

23 Days of Gratitude | Day 16 - My Husband

Zach and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this August. In the 13 years since we started dating, we’ve grown into real life adults, built a family, developed multiple businesses, and created a pretty wonderful life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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