Summarize Your Life in 6 Songs

This post is inspired by JoAnn Jordan, music therapist and author of the blog Musical Gems.  She’s reading the book The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature by Daniel J. Levitin, which prompted her to ponder this question: If I had to summarize my life in six songs, what would those songs be?

You can read JoAnn’s answer here, and my six songs are below.

  1. The Rainbow Connection: I wrote about this song recently, and the importance of it during my childhood. Every time I hear or sing it, I’m flooded with happy memories of being a little girl.
  2. Don’t Rain on My Parade: This was my go-to audition song during my high school musical theater days, and I felt so empowered every time I sang it.  I still do, in fact.  I LOVED that it was Rachel’s theme song on Glee last season! 
  3. The Remedy: I listened to Jason Mraz nonstop during my last semester of college, and it was his music that inspired me to learn the guitar.  “I won’t worry my life away” is a good lyric to have stuck in your head, especially for a worrywart like me.
  4. You Make Me Feel So Young: I have my dad to thank for my love of Frank Sinatra, and this is the song we danced to at my wedding (here’s a pic).  Frank Sinatra will forever be the happy voice of my adolescent and high school years, even though he came way before my time.
  5. Blessed: Martina McBride is someone I look up to as a singer, and I like her even more because of this song.  I certainly feel blessed with all the wonderful people and experiences in my life, and this could be my theme song (minus the part about having kids, for now at least).
  6. Ready: Kelly Clarkson’s CD “All I Ever Wanted” has been in my car’s player for a few months now.  This is my favorite track off the album — it’s an affirmation to myself that I’m ready for everything the future holds, plus it’s really fun to sing along to :)

So there you have it.  Now that I’ve summarized my life in 6 songs, it’s YOUR turn.  Please share your list in the comments below or post it to your own blog!