Rachel Rambach - Life Lately (May 2016)

Time has never flown by faster than it has these past few months. I can barely keep up with my day-to-day responsibilities, because the hours just seem to slip away.

It might have something to do with the fact that I’m gearing up for our studio’s spring recital and a new session of early childhood classes, managing a full student/client load, and running a business…all while living that #momlife (which includes very little sleep, thanks to a certain baby girl).

Oh, and did I mention that my husband opened his own insurance agency a month ago? He’s been working 10 hour days and often goes back to the office after the kids are in bed. It’s actually pretty cool to have a two business owner household, especially now that Zach “gets” it in a way he didn’t before. That said, running two businesses AND raising two tiny kids is no joke.

But despite everything we have going on, I feel surprisingly stress-free most days. I have our recent Phoenix trip to thank for my relatively calm state of mind, because although it was exhausting “vacationing” with a baby and a toddler, it was also really nice to soak up the sun and spend quality time with my family.

Life is so much fun right now, between my two cutie heads at home and all the cutie heads I see at MTC (and yes, that does include my awesome team members). I love the work I’m doing now more than ever, and I’m super excited about what the future holds on all fronts — starting with a full night’s sleep.