As I’ve mentioned, oh, just a few hundred times or so before, summer is the #1 season in my book. But there’s just something about the change in temperature, the beautiful colors, and the smell outside as fall approaches that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The crisp air is so refreshing, and everything seems brand new.

Fall doesn’t officially begin until next week, but I’ve already begun brainstorming and writing songs all about the coming season. The first of those is “The Leaves on the Trees”, which imitates the process of trees shedding their leaves: slowly at first, and then faster and faster until all the leaves are on the ground.

The leaves on the trees,
They sway in the breeze,
They sway all around, all around.
Slowly first, then faster
Until all the leaves fall down.

(Repeat, gradually getting faster each time)

My students love, love, LOVE these “speeding up” songs, and no matter how fast I play, they always yell, “Faster!”. Instruments that work well with this type of song include shakers, bells, tambourines, or anything that a child can play easily and quickly.

How are you and your students preparing for fall? The walls of The Hope Institute (where I work) are covered in autumn artwork, and the kids are already talking about Halloween. They are one step ahead of me!