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Tonight’s edition of “Sunday Singalong” goes out to a very special fan of mine: hi, Matthew! Matthew’s mom emailed me last week and told me that although her son has many Listen & Learn favorites, he responds to this particular tune with excitement and anticipation as I speed up faster and faster. He’s not the only one; this is a favorite among my own students for the very same reason! Matthew will receive a free download of the Listen & Learn album of his choice, and you can have the same if I select your song suggestion to be featured in an upcoming “Sunday Singalong” video. It could be one of my own songs or a cover, so be creative.  Just leave a comment or email me with your suggestion.

How was your weekend?  Mine was full of music, so of course it was wonderful :)  I spent most of Saturday preparing some new songs and rehearsing for a show I played last night, which went very well.  I was extremely surprised (and thrilled!) by the turnout…not only was my regular cheering section in attendance, but some friends from out of town, church, work, and even a few parents of my students were there, too!  It was a blast.  The music-making continued today when my friend Cory came over to record with me (more on that soon).  A few hours of sleep, and I’ll be ready to take on a new week!