Rachel and Mia Belle at Two Years Old

Two years ago right around this time, I was holding a brand new baby girl in my arms and wondering how I got so lucky. Her entrance into the world wasn’t quite as smooth as her brother’s, but all those hours of labor made the moment that much sweeter.

Mia Belle was not what I would call an easy baby; she didn’t sleep through the night for her first 18 months of life, and she clung to me for dear life at all hours of the day. She cried just about every afternoon as I left for work. But in between the clinging and crying, she was unbelievably sweet. And funny. This girl learned how to go from coy to total ham in about 6 seconds, and she charmed everyone in her path with her huge blue eyes.

And she still does, this little 2-year-old of mine. Complete strangers stop to comment on how cute she is and how beautiful her eyes all are the time, but really, the best part about her is her personality. She’s always had so much of it, and now that she is talking nonstop, we are getting to experience the full extent.

Mia Belle Turns Two Years Old

Mia’s first year of life was difficult, and not just because she was such a needy baby. Parker was practically still a baby himself, and I was working a lot and dealing with lots of changes and growth in my business. It was what I have dubbed the longest, shortest, hardest, best-est year.

But year two was a breeze in comparison. Mia started part-time daycare when she turned 15 months old, which allowed me actual dedicated hours in the day to work (rather than sacrificing what little sleep I actually got to do so). It also gave me the space I needed to regain my own sense of self outside of being a mom. I got comfortable in my own skin again, and Mia got comfortable being away from me.

She has grown immeasurably over the course of this year. I’ve loved watching her relationship with Parker blossom, and she has become a social little person. She has strong opinions and a hard head just like her daddy. She knows how to make me laugh and loves to be the center of attention.

Mia Belle Turns 2 Years Old

Mia is at this amazing age where she is out of babyhood, but not yet pushing her limits as toddlers tend to do. I didn’t get to fully enjoy Parker at this age since I had a newborn as well, and I really wish I could freeze time right now…just for a little while.

We have our “girl days” every Friday when Mia stays home with me while Parker is at school, and I look forward to them all week. Those days are all about her and filled with her favorite things, which are currently: Moana, baby dolls, books, and eating. The girl LOVES to eat! Her favorite foods are pizza, pouches, cereal and milk, and fruit.

Mia Belle Turns 2 Years Old

It’s hard to believe that Mia has only been here for two years, because I can barely remember life before her. Life has changed a whole lot since I first held her in my arms, but I’m still wondering how I got so lucky :)