Thankfully, I’m a little more calm posting this update than I was last time!  That looooong to-do list has been tackled and (mostly) conquered, which means I actually have some progress to share with you today.  I’m going to post the full album of pictures on my Facebook page pretty soon, but I’ve been itching to show off my hard work thus far on the blog and cannot wait any longer.

Studio Exterior

While I had my camera out, I went ahead and snapped some exterior shots of my house, which is where my studio is located.  I didn’t get a good picture of the entire thing, but you get the idea from these angles.

Studio Entrance

I spent one entire day this weekend working on the new entryway into the studio.  The door to the left of the garage had to be replaced last week, so my first act of duty was to paint it so that it matched the garage door.  Next, I washed and repainted the walls in the entryway.  I was planning to paint the screen that hides our central vac unit, but then decided I liked it white.  (Okay, so in truth, I was really tired by that point…but the white is growing on me!)  I didn’t include the shelf to the right of the screen in my picture because I have yet to fill it.

Studio Waiting Room

The waiting room now has a coat rack, artwork, and a standing lamp.  And today I’m going to pick up the crowning jewel of the room — an awesome coffee table with extra seating.  Thank you, dear mother-in-law, for the wonderful birthday gift!  That just might call for an update post all by itself.  Oh, and Amanda Ellis just sent me pictures of the pillows she made for this room.  They are on their way, and will look great in there!

New Music Therapy & Teaching Studio

Here is the studio itself.  Although it’s smaller than my old one, I love it so much more.  I think it’s the coziness that does it for me, actually.  It’s also much better organized, because there is a large closet to conceal all the stuff I don’t use on a daily basis.  Originally I was planning to put curtains on the windows, but then my mom and mother-in-law convinced me otherwise.  I’m extremely happy with that decision now, since both rooms need all the extra natural light they can get.

I am over the moon about how the new studio has shaped up, and can’t stop coming up with excuses to spend time in there.  Luckily, I have a very understanding husband :)  There are definitely still lots of things to do, and even though I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get to them, somehow it will happen.  It always does, it seems!