Rachel's Music Therapy Studio & Office

This week not only marks the beginning of spring, but also the beginning of a BIG project at my house.  I’ve hinted at this in my newsletter, but now the cat is coming out of the bag: my studio is moving!

Yep, that’s right…my home studio and private practice is moving from its current location (pictured above) all the way to the other side of my house.  I’m sure going to miss this beautiful room full of windows, but it will make a nice nursery someday.

So why in the world would I decide to move when I have such a great setup now?  A couple reasons, actually.  First of all, my living room doubles as the waiting room for my students and their families.  And since I work up until 7 pm and later some nights, my poor husband and puppy are banished until my last student has left.  Second, I wanted a more dedicated studio space with a separate entrance.  Currently, everyone enters and exits through the front door and has full access to my home.  However, that will change once the move is complete.

The contractor is coming tomorrow to start the renovation of my new studio space, and I can’t wait.  The flooring has been ordered, paint colors chosen, and my head is full of decorating schemes.  I’ll be documenting the entire renovation and moving process, of course — stay tuned for one last tour of my current studio, and before pictures of the new space!