Every year at this time, I’d watch my Facebook newsfeed blow up with pictures of children posing with pumpkins. Adorable, yes…but I couldn’t fully appreciate this particular photo opportunity until I had a child of my own.

The theme of last weekend was pumpkins! On Saturday morning, Zach, my mom and I took Parker on a trip to Bomke’s Patch, a pumpkin patch not far from our house. It was so much fun walking through the patch, and of course, posing Parker in a wagon full of pumpkins.

He wasn’t quite sure what to think at first, but after he got over his initial skepticism, he started to enjoy himself and we got lots of smiles. My mom got this great shot of all three of us.

Doesn’t Parker look so grow up in his little jeans and sweater ensemble? We have his Aunt Rebecca to thank for the outfit, which once belonged to his cousin Mason. It was the perfect look for a day at the pumpkin patch.

We also ran into the “other” Parker, whose dad is a friend of Zach’s. They were so cute meeting for the first time! It’s so funny how little Parker looks up to bigger kids when he’s around them — I think he’s jealous that they can get up and walk around by themselves ;)

The pumpkin patch also had a cute area filled with different things for kids to do, so we got a few more shots before we left. By the end of the trip, I think Parker was a little tired of being posed next to various fall items like these mums. But he was just so cute, we couldn’t help it.

After Zach filled his dad in on all the great photo opportunities he missed out on, we decided to go back with him the next day. This time we went all out and dressed Parker up to match the scenery…haha!

It was a gorgeous fall day, and we were all loving life — especially Parker!

It really is amazing how having a child can make just about everything in life much more fun. I have a fresh perspective of everything we do together as a family now, and I can’t wait to experience all the upcoming holidays with him!

In addition to visiting the pumpkin patch (twice), Parker actually spent some time inside of a pumpkin last weekend. Yes, we put our baby in a pumpkin. But believe it or not, he didn’t mind it too much! Zach’s dad got some amazing photos; these might be my favorite EVER taken of Parker.

I think the only reason he tolerated being stuck in a pumpkin was that he could gnaw on it (though I made sure he didn’t actually ingest any!). Seriously, I cannot handle how cute he is. And I’m pretty sure Parker can’t handle another round of ridiculous photo shoots, so we are laying low this weekend.