I’ve been practicing music therapy for almost four years now, yet I still consider myself to be a relatively new professional.  That’s why I get a little caught off-guard when I receive emails asking for advice and guidance…not that I don’t feel qualified to answer most of them :)  It’s just that there are so many music therapists out there who have accomplished SO many amazing things and remind me just how much I have left to accomplish.

One such individual is Dr. Petra Kern, who is currently serving as President of the World Federation of Music Therapy.  I’ve had the good fortune to become acquainted with Petra through Imagine, the first early childhood online magazine sponsored by the American Music Therapy Association.  Petra is the editor and invited me to submit materials for the inaugural issue, which came out back in September.  Since then, I’ve become more familiar with Petra’s work as a clinician, researcher, and educator.

Petra offers mentoring, playground consulting, project guidance, music therapy courses, and clinical jewels on her newly updated website, Music Therapy Consulting.  The coolest part is that thanks to various modes of technology, Petra is able to offer her consulting services across the globe.

I can’t wait to meet this amazing woman in person at AMTA Conference next week.  Get the full scoop on Petra’s work on her website.