Can this really be true? Well, judging from my near-empty, cleaned out music room and the big smiles on all of the teachers’ faces, I guess it is! This school year has been an exciting one, and today marks the end of my second full year here at Hope. This afternoon during my end-of-the-year evaluation, my principal asked, “You WILL be coming back in the fall, right?” Of course I answered with an emphatic YES…I’m thrilled to be able to keep my position going, especially since it was originally funded by a two-year grant.

This morning was our annual school talent show, in which I participated with a couple of the Junior classes. They wrote an “American Idol” themed skit, and I was one of the contestants. Unfortunately, I lost to a student, which just goes to show how talented our kids are :) Watching the rest of the acts, it made me realize how much I’m going to miss this place over the summer. I love our kids, and the staff is amazingly supportive of me and my program. It’s a wonderful place to be a music therapist.

Today’s the last day of school, but it’s the first day of music therapy at The Autism Program. I started this in the summer of 2008, and I am so excited to be back for a second summer. We have three different sessions to accomodate all ages, and though each session is only three weeks long, we make the very best of it. Can’t wait to get started this afternoon!