Music Therapy Connections Student

Each time one of my students completes a level in a lesson book, masters a particularly difficult piece, or receives an award in a competition, his or her picture goes up on the studio bulletin board — or “Wall of Fame” as I like to call it.

Only my students and their parents see the bulletin board, but what about posting pictures and videos of students on my website (as I did with Sergei above) and Facebook page?

The answer is simple: you MUST ask for parents’ permission to do so.  Each spring, I have parents fill out a yearly survey which includes the following question:

Do I have permission to feature pictures and/or videos of this student (never using last name) on my studio bulletin board, website, and/or Facebook page?

Parents then have three options: 1) Yes; 2) Please ask on a case-by-case basis; or 3) No. Once they have signed the form, I keep it on record until the following year.

Amazingly enough, I’ve not had one parent mark “no” in response to that question.  However, I never take advantage of their trust, which means I share students’ photos and videos very sparingly.  But every once in a while, it’s nice to showcase students and give them the thrill of seeing themselves in a public space.

Do you have a media release option for your students?