I have no idea how I did it, but three years ago I convinced my husband to record a duet for the souvenir CD we made for our wedding gifts.

We had seen the movie Juno the year before and both loved it, especially the sweet duet Michael Cera and Ellen Page sang at the end. Anyone Else But You is a song by the Moldy Peaches, and with just a little lyrical tweaking, it became the closer to our CD.

I think Zach regretted his decision to go through with it after receiving some flack from his buddies, but too late! It’s out there for the world to hear now.

Tomorrow we celebrate our 3rd anniversary, so I put together this video of some of my favorite wedding pictures using our duet as the soundtrack. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed already…looking at these pictures, it seems like just yesterday (cliche, I know, but true).

Zach has a fun couple of days planned in Chicago, so we’re off! Enjoy your Sunday.