Back in July, I held a contest over at Listen & Learn Plus! which involved subscribers coming up with topics for fun summer songs. The second winner is Rebecca, and this was her idea:

“There are so many foods that seem to be best eaten in the summer at picnics, cookouts, and pool parties. What about a song dedicated to summer munchies?”

Rebecca won a Custom CD for her topic idea. This is the song I’ve come up with using her great suggestions. Hope you like it!

In the summer, there’s so much yummy food to eat.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner or a tasty treat.
When the weather is warm, my belly is full
The only thing that’s empty is the plate or bowl!

Watermelon, the fruit that’s green and pink,
Is best when eaten over the sink.
Because it’s juicy and sticky, and oh so sweet,
Watermelon is a yummy summer treat.


Salad is green and made of lettuce, it’s true.
A healthy food to eat for lunch, and you
Can top it with chicken or cheese, and then
The dressing comes last so go on and pour it in.


Corn on the cob is yellow with a crunch,
It’s my favorite vegetable of the bunch.
Cook it on the grill and season it, too.
Corn on the cob is a food that’s good for you.


Ice cream comes in every color you see,
One scoop for you, and one for me.
Eat it for a snack when the sun is hot,
Oh my, my, I like ice cream a whole lot.