I have fallen behind in my blogging efforts, but this is my attempt to catch up and remember what happened two weeks ago. The days seem to whiz by in a total blur as I try to balance quality time with Parker, progress on work-related projects, laundry and keeping the house clean…all before I go to work at 3 pm.

I have always had lots of respect for stay-at-home moms, but now I can relate to how busy and stressful a job it can be. Same goes for working moms, since I feel like I fall into both categories. It’s a good place to be, but it definitely has its challenges!

As usual, I only have wonderful things to say about Parker. He is such an angel baby, and makes me smile SO much. He has been laughing a lot all of the sudden this week, so my new favorite thing is figuring out ways to make him giggle. A few things that never fail are patty-cake, tickling his face with my ponytail, kissing his ears, and giving him rides up and down on my knees.

Parker and I survived our first solo weekend when Zach went out of town for a few days, and it went very smoothly! Sadie rarely left our side, and especially enjoyed supervising Parker’s playtime :)

We definitely missed having Zach here (especially at 3 am when he usually handles diaper duty), but it was good practice for when he goes to Brazil for 10 days next summer. Again, I am very very lucky to have all of Parker’s grandparents here in town!

Our cousin Kim sent this adorable turtle hat for Parker. Clearly he loves it! I don’t think taking photos of this baby in cute outfits and accessories will EVER get old.

And here is the biggest event of week 15: Parker transitioned from the rock ‘n play next to our bed to the crib in his nursery. I wasn’t 100% ready, but Zach had been encouraging the move so we went for it. Night 1 was rough…he was much more interested with finding his toes than actually sleeping.

But we had a complete 180 on night 2, and ever since he has been sleeping like a lamb! He usually wakes up once a night to nurse, which is just fine with me. Eventually he will get around to sleeping through the night again.