Parker is officially 4 months old! He is so full of personality and talking up a storm now; he takes after his daddy in that way! His sounds and “words” are so cute…I love his little voice and I think he does, too :) Parker is also smiling more than ever, and is constantly amused by the world around him.

This week we made a trip to visit the pediatrician for Parker’s 4-month checkup, where we found out he’s gained almost a pound in the last two weeks! He’s still very small compared to other babies his age (4% for weight), but his doctor is happy with his progress and said that as long as he stays on his own curve, we have nothing to worry about. So that was great news, but then came the bad news: Parker had to get 4 shots. There were some tears, but he was a trooper.

Poor baby was not himself for a couple days after getting those shots — he was much fussier than usual and was not sleeping well at all. Despite not feeling the greatest, we had a fun week full of activities: visiting all the other music teachers at a federation meeting, going to baby group at the hospital, walking to Grandpa Alan’s house, and lots of playtime at home.

Parker is loving his exersaucer! It gives him a chance to stand up and use those leg muscles, and he enjoys trying to play with all the toys. During the day we have a whole circuit laid out in the living room — the exersaucer, kick ‘n play piano mat, a blanket with lots of small toys, the couch for nursing, and the swing for naptime.

The weather has been awesome this week. We went on quite a few stroller walks, including one in Washington Park with my friend Jen and her baby Ellie, who we met at baby group. The cooler temps have also given us a chance to bust out more fall clothes, like the cute outfit Parker is wearing in the photo above. He looks so big in jeans and pants, compared to the onesies and rompers he’s been wearing up until now.

Coming up next: some ridiculously cute pumpkin-themed photos from today’s fall adventures. Life is seriously so much more fun with Parker!