Week 18 will go down in history as the first time in 4 months that we’ve had consecutive full nights’ sleep. Needless to say, it’s been a great week! Getting more sleep has allowed me to get up at 5 and either go to the gym or get some work done before Parker wakes up — without feeling like a zombie by the time I start work in the afternoon.

Oh, and the other nice side effect of sleeping through the night? Yielding results like this during my first pumping session of the day (that’s a LOT for me!).

Another cool thing happened this week: the Cardinals made it to the World Series! Needless to say, Zach is not thrilled…nor was he thrilled when my choice of wardrobe for Parker on the morning of Game 5 of the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Parker is destined to be a Cubs fan like his daddy, but I can at least dress him like a Cardinals fan while he’s still young enough to not know the difference. I’ve also been dressing him in all the fall and Halloween themed clothes we’ve collected, like this “little monster” outfit.

The highlight of the week was seeing Michelle and Jenny and the kids while they were in town. Parker loved meeting his cousins Kaitlin and Jake, and seeing Annabelle again. We had a weiner roast and made s’mores before doing a little pre-bedtime photo shoot. It was a bit of a challenge getting them all posed, looking at the camera, and smiling, but we managed to get some great shots.

Other fun things we did this week included meeting my friend Crystal and her little boy, Grant, at Andiamo for coffee on Wednesday. We headed to baby group at the hospital after that, and found out that Parker weighs 12 lbs, 14 oz. Almost to lucky 13!

Parker is becoming increasingly restless, especially when it comes to being set down (even on his playmat or on a blanket with toys). He seems to prefer sitting up to laying down, so I decided to put together his high chair and let him give it a trial run.

I think he’s a fan! He won’t be eating in it anytime soon (I’m in no hurry to introduce solids), but at least now he can be up at my level when we’re in the kitchen as opposed to laying in his rock ‘n play. This little peanut is becoming more of a big boy every day.