"S" Is for Summer

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically summer yet…but ask any kid what season it is and they’ll most likely tell so! It definitely feels like summer has arrived, now that school is out and I’m enjoying a nice little summer break.

“S” Is For Summer was actually written as a custom song for a child with specific language-related needs, especially when it comes to the letter s. And since it’s almost summer, which happens to begin with that very letter, her teacher and I decided to stick with the seasonal theme.

You’ll notice that there are LOTS of s’s in this song, not just at the beginning of words but in all positions as well as blends. So while it addresses one child’s needs in particular, it will hopefully be beneficial and enjoyable for other children, too.

What other summery “s” words did I miss? Snorkeling, sailing, snoozing, seashells, surfing…enough to write an entirely new song! And there’s no such thing as too many songs about summer, so I just might go ahead and do that ;)

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